If you are a big fan of fried foods, the Hamilton Beach 35021 is a great option for many reasons. It is one of the more popular models on the market because of its affordable price and plethora of amazing features. While it may not be a top-of-the-line model, it is still a very impressive device that you will love having in your kitchen.


The 8-cup capacity of this deep fryer will provide you with plenty of room for frying your favorite foods. It can cook up to six cups of French fries or chicken tenders.

This device measures 8.58 by 11.38 by 13.94 inches with a total weight of 8.8 pounds. It is small enough to where you shouldn’t have any problem at all fitting on your kitchen counter. The dial on the front allows you to choose the cooking temperature you want. You can fry foods at up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a button on the right that opens the lid quickly.

Next to the temperature dial you will find a green light that tells you when the device is heated up and another to indicate when it is powered on. This deep fryer has a very simple but efficient design that you will be sure to appreciate.

To say that this deep fryer is durable would be an understatement. The oil tank is made of a sturdy enamel-coated metal material that won’t corrode or wear away over time. It plastic exterior housing that is surprisingly solid and doesn’t look or feel cheap. This is certainly one of the nicer-looking deep fryers on the market for the price.


 Hamilton Beach (35021) Deep Fryer, Cool Touch With Basket

The Hamilton Beach 35021 offers many useful features that will make deep frying your favorite foods simple and easy. The cool-touch sides and breakaway cord will prevent you from burning yourself if you accidentally touch it. The cord design makes it so that this appliance will never tip over if it ever gets pulled.

This deep fryer’s lid is sealed tight to prevent any oil from escaping while it is functional. It has a small glass window that will allow you to see the food inside while it is cooking.

The removable lid, heating element and oil tank are all very easy and convenient to clean once you are done. You can choose to clean them by hand or run them through the dishwasher to save yourself some time.

What We Like

Some of the best things about this Hamilton Beach deep fryer include:

Large capacity: You can fit 8 cups of oil into this deep fryer, which means that you can cook 6 cups of French fries and many other foods.

Sturdy design: This deep fryer has a very solid and sturdy design inside and out. The enamel-coated metal oil tank will definitely stand the test of time.

Low maintenance: Because this deep fryer has all removable parts, you won’t have any issues at all with cleaning.

Safety: The breakaway magnetic cord design and cool touch sides mean that you will be able to cook your favorite foods while staying completely safe.

Cooks fast: You will quickly find that this device can deep fry foods much faster than a lot of the more expensive models that are available on the market today.

Compact: Pretty much anyone can easily fit this deep fryer in their kitchen. It doesn’t weigh very much and takes up only a little bit of space.

Efficient heating element: The extremely efficient design of the heating element means that you won’t have to wait very long to start using this deep fryer.

Viewing window: You will be able to see how your food is coming along inside the deep fryer as it cooks through the convenient little viewing window.

What We Don’t Like

  • The lack of a timer on this deep fryer means that you will have to keep a close eye on your food while it cooks.
  • Those who want to be able to deep fry a lot of food at once may find the 8-cup capacity of this device a bit disappointing.

Customer Reviews

 Hamilton Beach (35021) Deep Fryer review

When you take a look at the customer reviews for this product, you will find that most people have nothing but good things to say about it. Most people are very impressed by this deep fryer’s ability to cook food so quickly and efficiently. Another common point that is brought up in these reviews is the numerous safety features. Those who use this deep fryer cannot talk enough about its cool touch sides and magnetic breakaway cord. Most people also say that it is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t give them any real problems.

Who Should Buy the Hamilton Beach 35021?

If you have a love of deep fried foods and want a device that will let you cook them without any hassle, this model is perfect. It may not be the flashiest option available, but it definitely gets the job done. It is especially great for those who love to eat French fries and want a no-hassle way to fry foods in just minutes.


This deep fryer is priced at around $50, which is nothing when you consider how expensive many of its competitors are. This is a great choice for those who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a high-end model but still want an effective way to fry their favorite foods.

Bottom Line

The Hamilton Beach 35021 has an amazing design and many useful features to offer for those who can’t get enough of fried foods. It is safe, easy to use and doesn’t cost very much. We highly recommend this model because of its uncanny ability to cook food fast while taking up minimal space on the countertop. We would have liked to see a timer, but it’s not a deal breaker. This deep fryer is also incredibly easy to clean because of all its removable parts. You won’t find many options better than this one for the price.