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Best Home Deep Fryers 2019: Top 5 Picks with Reviews

Looking for the best deep fryer for home use? Deep fried food is one of the most relishing and quick ways to please the taste palate at a gathering for private dining at home. They enhance the taste of boring food, and the fresh crisps of the meal add texture to any dish. While deep frying requires the use of plenty of oil to get the texture, it also takes patience to watch it turn into the delicious golden brown color.

The best home deep fryers have changed the taste, texture, and safety of deep frying food in many ways.  They’ve also made deep fried food readily available for guests and conveniently presentable for hosts. Some of the best home deep fryers are also suitable for light commercial use, such as to open new business ventures in small spaces without compromising on the service time.

Deep frying food is an art that many people underestimate. To get the best out of homemade french fries, potatoes, chicken, onions or lobsters and shrimps, choosing the best home deep fryer is crucial. To make your options easier, we have listed five of the best deep fryers for your home in the market with regards to the space it occupies, safety issues, amount of servings you want to cook, and efficiency of the deep fryer.

Best Deep Fryers For Home Use

Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

secura 1700 home deep fryerBy the looks of it, the Secura 1700 watt home deep fryer coated in stainless steel with black heat-proof handles tops our list. It looks modern, elegant and has all the facilities to control temperature and timings so that your cooking is effortless and organized. It can make two different fries without mixing them in one batch, or you can fry one large batch as it comes with three stainless steel baskets, one large and two halves. Not only is it efficient in performance, but it also prevents excessive use of oil to while deep frying the food.


1700watt Immersion Element: Secura deep fryer runs on 1700 watt powered immersion that preheats the oil. When you set the timer, it automatically heats or cools down the oil which makes it easy to get perfect, crispy textures.

4-liter oil capacity: The deep fryer can contain up to 4 liters of oil which means that you can fry more food at a time.  The heating temperature varies from 250A degrees to 375A degrees F which can be adjusted according to your requirement

Removable oil pot: The modern deep fryer also features a removable oil tank that makes it easy to clean and replace the oil whenever needed.

Perfect size: The size is 9 3/8’’x 6 3/8’’ with a bottom that is about 7’’ which allows frying large quantities in one batch and cooks up to 11 cups of French fries. The best part about the Secura deep fryer is that it can be used to fry a large amount of food in one bath and it can also cook two to three varieties.

Adjustable time and heat: This home deep fryer also features an automatic timer that is adjustable to 60 minutes with ready light so that you do not miss it when it is on or shut down.

Double/single basket: The double basket and the half baskets make it convenient to use them together, and it prevents the food from being mixed.

Cool exterior: This home deep fryer is also cold to touch on the outer surface which makes it safe and secure to place anywhere.

What We Like

  • It is efficiently designed with heat and time adjustable features which make it stand out against other deep fryers.
  • The see-through lid allows you to cook with the lid on and prevent oil spillages, keeping the cooking area free from mess and the house odor free.
  • The Secura 1700-watt deep fryer is washable and dishwasher compatible.
  • It has a Removable oil tank that makes it easier to clean.
  • Compatible wiring with many other cooking products.
  • Heat and time are adjustable with rotator buttons.
  • A see-through lid to enable viewing the food while it is frying helps a lot.

What We Don’t Like

  • You have to open the top completely to extract the basket.
  • Gunk gets collected on the exteriors if not washed frequently.
  • The wiring easily breaks or burns when it is used extensively.

Bottom Line

Many users are satisfied with the Secura 1700 Watt electric and home Deep Fryer as it does the deep frying efficiently and with no hassle. It is easy to use and maintain and has an elegant look and feels safe to touch even when in use. It is slightly unreliable for commercial use as the wiring is sensitive to extensive usage. However, if you use it occasionally, it does fry tasty food with the least effort and within a short period of time. It makes a good investment for homes with children and occasional gatherings.

Hamilton Beach (35021) Deep Fryer

hamilton beach 35021 best home deep fryerHamilton Beach 35021 home deep fryer is one of the most compact big deep fryers you can use at home. With its versatile dimension and cooling exterior finish, it makes it safe for use in any kitchen. The attached lid with transparent cover allows you to see if the food is cooked to the texture and color you want. You can also lift and keep the basket stagnant with the lid closed so that you can drain the oil without creating a mess. It features an adjustable timer and heat to allow you to cook different food that require different cooking procedures.


Stainless steel finish: The material is made of stainless steel which is durable, resistant to rust and also easy to clean

Classic design: The sleek black finish gives it an elegant look, which makes it a sophisticated kitchen accessory

Perfect dimension: The deep fryer is 13.1x 11.4 x 8.6 in dimension which allows you to cook even a whole chicken. It has a breakaway electrical cord for easy storage

Immersion heating element: You can disassemble the immersion heating element for easy cleaning, and the immersed heating agent makes it easy to heat, and the ready light tells if it is prepared to use

2-liter oil capacity: It has a 2-liter oil capacity which is enough to fry six cups of French fries. The enamel coated oil tank, the heating element and the lid are removable and easy to clean.

What We Like

  • The parts are removable so they can be accessible for easy cleaning
  • The transparent window on the lid makes it possible to view the cooking process so that you can tell if the cooking is up to your desired color.
  • The exterior is coated with a cooling material to prevent accidents so no need to worry about accidental heat scrapes
  • Lift-able basket without opening the lid to drain out oil from food
  • Breakaway wiring for easy storage and portability

What We Don’t Like

  • The Hamilton Beach 35021 home deep fryer is not large enough for commercial use as it can contain only 2 liters of oil which prevent it from frying a large batch of food in one process. So, this is strictly for home use.
  • It comes with only one basket which prevents cooking multiple types of food in one batch.
  • The prints on the exterior, including the temperature marking, come off when you wipe it while it is hot.

Bottom Line

The Hamilton Beach is a versatile looking deep fryer with huge potential and smart engineering. The exterior design and the features are chic and sleek, and it deep fries all types of food with ease and efficiency. The temperature setting and timer are highly accurate which makes it easy to fry quality food with satisfaction and without creating a mess. It is a good product if you are looking to buy a deep fryer for a home that can be used to fry a variety of food for a small number of people.

Belovedkai Electric Deep Fryer

belovedkai top home deep fryerIf you are looking for a commercially functional deep fryer to cater to a large gathering, and is ideal for home use, or for commercial use, the Belovedkai is perfect for you. It’s suitable for small parties, groups, and even a little, fast food outlet. This stainless steel deep fryer is highly efficient in frying a large amount of food without creating a mess. It is also cost-effective as it consumes a lower amount of power while frying different meals with the single or dual oil tank.

The adjustable heat and time settings allow you to prepare food at the right temperature range and timing for delicious and crispy fried chicken, french fries, onion rings, nuggets, and other types of food.


Variety of choice: The 10L single basket can accommodate a large amount of food which makes it convenient for a large gathering and commercial use. You can also choose between 13L, 20L or 26L sizes depending on the purpose of use.

Durability: It is made of stainless steel and plastic handle for durability, safety, and easy access.

Attached lid: The attached lid cover prevents the oil from spilling and creating a mess. It also prevents accidents in the kitchen.

Power saving: It runs on 110v 50/60Hz power and 2.5 KW, which is quite less for its size and the amount of food it can fry in one batch.

Quick heating: The heating temperature ranges from 50 to 200 degree C, and it is easily adjustable before or during the frying process.

DimensionsWith a dimension of 17.32 x 11.81x 11.42 inches, the deep fryer is large enough for commercial use. It only weighs 8.52 pounds which makes it highly portable.

Warranty: The deep fryer is warranted by the company to last for a year, and they also provide services for parts and damages.

What We Like

  • The frying basket is large enough to hold a considerable amount of food items.
  • It has adjustable heat control features.
  • Timing control features that allow you to achieve the perfect texture
  • Plastic handles to prevent scaling due to heat
  • An available lid to prevent splashing of oil
  • You can lift the basket in the oil tank to drain out the oil
  • The deep fryer is safe to clean in a dishwasher

What We Don’t Like

  • The lid does not have a view window so you cannot see the frying process.
  • The wire cannot be removed from the utility, so compact storing is a bit of a challenge.

Bottom Line

For a deep fryer of this size, the Belovedkai deep fryer exceeds all expectations. It is large enough for commercial and home use which makes it a good investment and it is also highly reliable for extensive use. The product follows all safety precautions and perfectly fries food within the expected time. The see-through window on the lid is something that would make someone change their mind about this efficient home deep fryer, but apart from that, its value is worth the price and highly recommended for delicious deep fried food on any occasion.

Proctor Silex 35044 Professional-Style Deep Fryer

proctor silex home deep fryerThe Proctor Silex 35044 home deep fryer is as efficient as it looks. It is used to deep fry different types of food, from onion rings and French fries to buffalo wings or a whole chicken. The large basket and 5-liter oil capacity allow you to make a large amount of deep fried food in one batch. The see-through lid allows you to watch the food while it is cooking and also prevents the oil from spilling while it is boiling. This highly convertible home deep fryer can be fully disassembled for better cleaning and maintenance, making it hygienic and efficient.


5 Litre Oil capacity : The Proctor Silex has a 5-liter oil capacity which lets you deep fry food large amounts of food in one batch perfectly.

Large servings: It has an extra large basket that can hold up to 13 servings of French fries which can easily be used for small commercial use

Quick heating: This home deep fryer is fitted with an immersed heating element at the bottom that quickly heats and cools to make the frying process faster.

Adjustable heat and time: Just like many other home deep fryers, it has a heat and timing control switch that allows you to adjust them according to your requirement.

Power on and ready light: The power-ready light feature allows you to set your food at the right temperature, alerts you when it is ready to use and when it is time to take the food out.

Available lids: The see-through lid allows you to check on the fried food and ensure that it has the right color and consistency. It also prevents the smell of the food from spreading throughout the surroundings. The removable lid allows you to drain oil from the food without creating a greasy mess over the counter or dirtying other utensils.

Removable Oil Pot: Removable oil pot with a spout is designed for quickly pouring the oil out without spilling and also makes it easier to clean. It is also safe to put in the dishwasher.

What We Like

  • The easy pour spout of the oil pot makes it easy to pour out the oil while changing it. It prevents spilling and greasing other parts of the container which is a unique design
  • All the elements, including the heating immersion, basket handle and wire can be disassembled which makes it easy to clean. They can be easily assembled again without the use of professional help
  • It is large enough to fry 13 servings of French fries which is a considerable amount.

What We Don’t Like

  • The basket is shallow and broad, so the food has to be adequately adjusted to close the lid.
  • The parts that can be detached, especially the handle and the cable, can easily be misplaced if not kept carefully.

Bottom Line

The Proctor Silex 35044 home deep fryer is highly efficient for frying food for a gathering or even for use in a small business. The 5-litre oil capacity is perfect for frying a large amount of food at once, and the immersed heating element quickens the heating process before frying any food. The unique design of this home deep fryer makes it stand out from other deep fryers, and the ability to disassemble it keeps the product clean  day after day, which also adds to the durability of the deep fryer. It is cost effective and produces the most delicious deep fried food in quick and straightforward steps in a clean fashion.

Chefman Home Deep Fryer with Basket Strainer

chefman home deep fryerPerfect for frying all types of snacks and side dish such as French fries, onion rings, chicken, fishes, shrimps and rolls, the Chefman home deep fryer is modeled for the professional cook. It embodies the elegance of a modern kitchen accessory and has the functionality for a busy kitchen. What is unique about this deep fryer is the foldable basket handle which makes it easy to store or clean in the dishwasher. It has a high capacity oil pot and basket strainer made of steel. It is highly efficient for large gatherings and light commercial use.


4-liter oil capacity: The oil pot can contain up to 4 liters of oil which is sufficient to deep fry a large amount of food in one go, making it convenient for a large family, or parties and gatherings,

Fast cooking: The adjustable immersion heat quickly heats the oil, which allows you to serve your guests quickly.

Viewing lid: The lid has a glass opening that allows viewing the food while it is frying so you can make sure that it is fried to the desired color and taste. The lid also protects against oil spillage while it is frying.

Powerful: It runs on a 17-watt heating element which makes it a great deep fryer that can efficiently heat the oil and quickly fry any food.

Easy to clean: The basket strainer can be removed, folded and stacked among other dishes in the dishwasher. It does not accumulate grease or stain which also makes it easy to clean.

Cool exterior: The body of this home deep fryer is coated with cooling agents that prevent the heat of the oil from transferring to the exterior part of the deep fryer which keeps it safe from accidental heat scrapes.

Magnetic power cord: It is equipped with a magnetic power cord for the safety of users. The cable of this home deep fryer is detachable and can be easily stored away.

Compact size: This stainless steel deep fryer for home use is 15.4 x 14.8 x 9.3 inches in size and 9 pounds in weight which is small but can contain a large amount of food.

Adjustable Timer and Heat: The rotary knob allow you to accurately adjust the heat of the immersion element and lets you set the timing for 60 minutes.

Warranty: The Chefman comes with a safety warranty, and it is cETL approved which makes it highly reliable and durable.

Extra features: Buying the Chefman deep fryer gives you access to Club Chefman, which provides exclusive recipes, cookbooks, and tutorial videos to enhance your cooking and frying skills.

What We Like

  • The foldable basket handle makes it easy to clean it in the dishwasher, so you don’t have to detach it for cleaning.
  • The basket handle can be held still on the rim so that the oil drains out before you remove it from the fryer.
  • It has power on and heating light that allows you to cook in the right level of heat and duration.
  • It does hold a large amount of food, perfect for a whole family or a small party.
  • It heats the oil quickly which makes it efficient for fast meal preparation.

What We Don’t Like

  • The lid does not have a lock, so it does fall off sometimes
  • The wire is susceptible to burns when it is not used at the right power point, and the magnetic power loses its grip if not maintained properly.

Bottom Line

The Chefman home deep fryer works efficiently for frying different types of food at a quickly and with ease. It offers all the features of a great deep fryer that can be used even by amateur chefs and cooks. Adjusting the temperature and timing is a highly valuable feature, and the amount of oil required to make the perfect fries is balanced. It doesn’t consume too much power or oil. It is a good investment if you are looking for the best deep fryer for home use and not for commercial purposes.

Over to You

So, there you have them – the best deep fryers for home use. We understand that making a choice can be difficult and that’s why we’ve selected the top 5 for you to choose from. We hope you found this article useful and that it helped you pick the right deep fryer for your home.

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