The Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer can make for a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. It is the perfect choice for those who love crispy fried food. Hamilton Beach is one of the more well-known and reputable makers of affordable kitchen appliances, and this device is quite impressive. It offers a number of useful modern features that are typically only available with higher-end models. The more you look into this deep fryer, the more likely you will be to get one for your kitchen.


One of the best things about this deep fryer is that it is very easy to assemble. You will receive a detailed user’s manual with troubleshooting tips just in case there is something that you don’t understand.

The bottom part of this device is made of ultra-durable stainless steel, while the top is plastic. There is also a plastic handle, so you won’t ever have to worry about burning yourself. The dial on the right side of the top panel will allow you to set the temperature, while the button on the left lets you choose the time.

Measuring 10.2 by 6.8 by 8.9 inches with a total weight of 10.2 pounds, this deep fryer is fairly small, lightweight and doesn’t take up much space. It is an excellent choice for those who don’t have a lot of room on their kitchen counter-tops.


Hamilton Beach 35033 review

This Hamilton Beach deep fryer has many great features that can make deep frying a wide variety of foods much easier. It has an 8-cup or 3-liter capacity that will allow you to fry large quantities of food at one time. You can get about 12 cups of oil in without any problems. The professional-style design makes it a good choice for both homes and small restaurant kitchens.

The immersed heating element heats up very quickly and will allow you to deep fry your favorite foods faster than you ever thought possible. It has a very effective and sturdy design, so you can trust that it will keep working for years to come.

You can quickly and easily adjust the temperature of this deep fryer as needed. There is a light that tells you when has fully heated up so you know when to put the food in. The red light on top will tell you when the device is powered on.

The 60-minute digital timer will play an audio tone to let you know when the food is ready. There is also the safe breakaway cord, which will prevent potentially dangerous accidents.

There is a removable basket and lid, which means that cleanup doesn’t take very long at all. You can put both of these parts in your dishwasher without any issues.

What We Like

Some of the main benefits that this deep fryer offers include:

Durability: You will be hard-pressed to find a more durable deep fryer than this one. Its stainless steel design makes it very tough and long-lasting. This is a very low-maintenance device that won’t give you much trouble at all over the years.

Quick and efficient: The overall design of this deep fryer’s heating element means that it functions very quickly and efficiently.

Easy to use: This deep fryer is very easy to use and comes with a full instruction manual with troubleshooting tips.

Safety: The automatic shutoff feature of this deep fryer will keep you safe when you are cooking in the kitchen. The breakaway cord feature will also help you avoid any potentially disastrous accidents while using this device.

Digital timer: The digital timer on this deep fryer will always let you know how long your food has been in, and there is a tone that plays when it is done.

Temperature adjustment: You will be able to set the temperature you need when deep frying any kind of food. The panel on the left side will provide you with a quick and easy way to do this.

What We Don’t Like

  • The fact that this deep fryer doesn’t have a filter is a bit disappointing.
  • A significant amount of moisture quickly accumulates when the device is operational.

Customer Reviews

Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer review

The customer reviews for the Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer are generally very positive. Those who have actually purchased this device have mostly good things to say about it. A lot of these reviews mention how quickly this device heats up and fries food. Many reviews of this product also bring up how simple and easy to use it is. There aren’t many other deep fryers on the market right now that have as many glowing reviews as this one.

Who Should Buy the Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer?

Anyone who enjoys fried food and wants to make their own at home should consider purchasing the Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer. It is also a particularly good choice for people who don’t have a lot of extra room in their kitchen due to its compact design. If you want to make delicious fried food for you and your family, this is an excellent overall choice.


This deep fryer costs about $50, which isn’t bad at all when you consider how much you will pay for many other models from other companies. Hamilton Beach is known for making cheap but high-quality kitchen appliances like this one. It is definitely a good budget-friendly option.

Bottom Line

The Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer is one of the best deep fryers available on the market for those who want to cook their own tasty fried foods at home. It has an extremely sturdy and efficient design that will allow you to fry anything you want within minutes. This device is easy to assemble and start using right out of the box. There are numerous safety features that will ensure you and your home are safe while using it. If you are on the lookout for a quality deep fryer that is reasonably priced, this particular model is definitely worth taking a close look at.