Hello, my name is Brian and I’m the brain behind The Deep Fryer Expert. I have a team of writers with great experience with deep fryers who write a portion of the articles and reviews on this blog. The rest of it is written by me and nothing gets published without a final review by me. I, and these independent writers strive to provide the most accurate reviews and recommendations of the best deep fryers available on the market today.

Our Process

As you already know, this task isn’t easy – and we have two options. It’s either we gather as much information about these deep fryers as we can and review them or we actually use them so we can give you the best information on them available online. Guess what? We do both.

We’ve had hands-on experience with a good number of the deep fryers mentioned and reviewed on this website. When we can’t get our hands on one, we engage in hours of research to unearth all the relevant and important information that our readers need to know about the products to ensure accuracy and to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to helpĀ  them get the best deep fryer for themselves.

All the writers who contribute to this blog are either experienced cooks who have had hands-on experience with lots of kitchen appliances or just consumers who have great interest in cooking and using kitchen appliances, and as a result, have used lots of kitchen appliances over the years.

Our Mission

It’s simple. To become the absolute best online resource on deep fryers, and to help you get the best. We don’t want you purchasing duds or low quality deep fryers that aren’t worth the money. We want you to have the best. We are genuinely concerned about consumers like you, so we thought, why not share our knowledge and help other?

The Website

You’ll find reviews, tips, and guides on deep fryers, different brands, different types, and everything in between. We have a language translation tool on the sidebar if you prefer to read in a different language. At the top of the website you’ll find links to different categories of content available on here so you can quickly pick the topic you’re interested in.

There’s also a search button at the top so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve read a review of a deep fryer and you wish to learn more about it, there are links that take you to their product pages on Amazon.com so you can learn more and buy them at the best prices. Amazon has the best prices most of the time so we recommend shopping on Amazon.

You can also subscribe to this website using your email address (form is on the sidebar) so you’ll get notified whenever we publish a new post. We plan to keep updating this website for the foreseeable future, so you may want to bookmark it for easy access.

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, shoot us an email via the contact page.